"Brad Lewis talks about the volcano as if it is a relative.  The volcano in

question is officially known as Kilauea, but commonly referred to as Pele,

the fire goddess of Hawaiian mythology believed to reside at Kilauea.  Pele

has personality and history.  She has moods, and Brad has experienced many

of them.  He has lived on Pele's flanks for more than two decades and has

seen the lava come down, destroying communities as well as creating new



Brad has documented the longest continuous volcanic eruption of our time

with commitment, sensitivity, and style.  He is in the precious position to

be a witness to a historic event that has significance far beyond the

shores of the Big Island where it occurs.  Some of us are fortunate enough

to gain a few impressions of the raw power of this volcano.  Pele, after

all, does have a public face which has been seen by many during episodes

when lava flows into the ocean.  But Brad completes the portrayal of Pele's

complex personality in a way that few people could.  His coverage shows

what commitment to place combined with artistry can do to bring a landscape

alive for all of us, with respect and awe."


                                                                        Frans Lanting

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